All our prices are clear and open. You know exactly what you are paying for. There are NO HIDDEN COSTS!

We don't have any additional services that will require additional payments from you. Other companies attract people like you by selling cheap addresses of women, and then charge you for your every letter, force you to send flowers and gifts, invite you for some expensive tours, etc.

Eventually, you pay a lot more then you had planned to pay. We don't work that way. We only sell you the easiest and the fastest way to contact the ladies - their e-mail addresses - and then you don't need to pay anything else to communicate with the ladies that we represent on our website. As easy as that. And you also make your relationship with the woman or women of your choice private unlike with other agencies.

Note: our prices are 1,5-2 times lower then those of our competitors, who deliver the same kind of services. Moreover, we sell unique addresses - no one else owns a database of Central Asian brides. Best brides!

So, here are our prices:

1 e-mail address: 3$
10 e-mail addresses: 20$ (2$ each)
50 e-mail addresses: 50$ (1$ each)
All e-mail addresses
(more than 370):
100$ (that's less then 27 cents per e-mail!)

We suggest that you buy e-mail addresses of all the ladies in our gallery AT ONCE by paying just $100. That not only gives you a huge saving, but also increases your chances of meeting a beautiful, smart, and tender lady from Central Asia.

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